Halloween: A Few Days Late and a Few Bucks Short

Halloween was almost a week ago but we wanted to do a post showing how much fun we had. Just after we started dating, Sean Huggins from our singles ward in Kaysville came up with a nickname for us. We've used it many times since (including the name of our blog). It's Cracquelinne so we decided to dress up as Cracquelinne the superheroes. We bought some fabric from Walmart for the capes and bought some other things at Savers. Craig ended up wearing some spandex and Jacquelinne bought little girl leggings to complete the ensemble. We had so much fun trying on and wearing our costumes. We were fortunate enough to be invited to two parties.

We stopped in North Salt Lake at Jacquelinne's parents' home that they are building. We didn't get a great reaction but it was funny. Jacquelinne's mom said she looked like a racoon and her dad told Craig that he must be fairly confident with his manhood for wearing a costume like that. HAHA!! Then we went to Mike and Holly Flake's for a couples party. It was a lot of fun and nothing beats Mike's homemade rootbeer! It was great to catch up with everyone that was there and see all of the awesome costumes everyone else had.
Jacquelinne got her cape stuck leaving the house
"Protect and Serve"
The sword of Laban
Rollin' out!
The Ladies
The Flakes
The Gents

After the Flakes, we drove up to Layton to visit Craig's family. Daxton was so cute while we were there. He even pulled out his cape from his drawer and put it on to be like us. Finally, we went to Hallsoween at the Halls home in West Kaysville. There were loads of kids from our old singles ward and it was fun to see old friends and have a chance to catch up with them as well. Jacquelinne got to go upstairs and chat with one of her best friends, Kelsey Halls, for a while.

Our Halloween this year was great!! Thanks to everyone who made it a memorable one for us!!


Mt. Timpanogos with my Dad on 9.15.08

On September 15th I had the opportunity of hiking Mt. Timpanogos with my Dad. He came up Sunday night to stay with us in Orem so we could get an early start on Monday morning. Although both of us had been to Timpanogos Cave, it was our first time hiking to the summit. It was a cool, crisp morning which was really nice for the hike up. We started on the trail at 7:15 am and reached the top around 11:15 am. After I got altitude sickness and we spent an hour at the summit, we started are descent. It was a slow go back down the saddle and I felt very weak. So my Dad asked if I would like a Priesthood blessing and I consented. Just after the blessing, a couple that was going up, stopped and helped out by giving me some "energy paste" made by Gatorade. It took about 15 more minutes until I felt better and so we continued to go down the mountain. I was very grateful for the power of the Priesthood and my faith in Jesus Christ that he would give me the strength to make down. We ended up getting back to the car at about 4 pm. It was great to spend time with my Dad and share this experience together.

I'm posting some photos that we took during the day. The scenery was incredible and it was fun to see all the mountain goats that are up there.

The moon was still out when we started

Potty Break

Sippin' on some H2O at the Saddle

Overlooking Utah Valley

My Dad, the energizer bunny

Stopping for a rest on the saddle

Almost to the top!!

The heavens opened up when we reached the summit

The view east of Timp

Me trying not to die

Me, alive and going down the mountain

Mountain Goats
More goats on the side of a cliff

My Dad and me with Timpanogos in the background


Honeymoon part deux

Here is a continuation of yesterday's post with more pictures from the honeymoon.


Craig piggin' out on some animal style fries

The fountain at the Bellagio

A video of the Fountains

tree hugger

un bacio sull'isola delle palme

Jacquelinne loves palm trees

More Vegas

The pool at the Resort

Dip your toe to jacuzzi baby!!

life guard on duty

Go Carts!!!

Jacquelinne took the lead

neck and neck

La cucina

Front Room

Front Room II

Master Bedroom


Honeymoon in Mesquite, Nevada

So we finally got some photos uploaded on our computer!! Here are some fun pictures that we took while we were on our honeymoon. Craig's parents made it possible for us to stay at a five-star resort in Mesquite. It was so much fun! We were able to do a lot of things while we were there. The highlights were cooking meals together, riding around on our Golf Cart,
Shopping in St. George, In-N-Out, The flash flood,
(The sound is apparently not working on Flash Flood video) Renting a Wave Runner at Lake Mead, Las Vegas, Being the witness couple at the St. George Temple, Go Cart Racing, Watching HGTV, Waking up next to each other instead of having to say good-bye at night, AND BEING TOGETHER ALL THE TIME!!!!!

Angel hair pasta w/ Roma Tomato Sauce

Palm Trees!!

A Rainbow

The Golf Course
Pancakes :)
Lake Mead

The Wave Runner!!!!

Craig trying to be scary


Jacquelinne running through the revolving doors

At night in Vegas after Lake Mead

Caesar's Palace

Da Villa a la (golf) carte