Halloween: A Few Days Late and a Few Bucks Short

Halloween was almost a week ago but we wanted to do a post showing how much fun we had. Just after we started dating, Sean Huggins from our singles ward in Kaysville came up with a nickname for us. We've used it many times since (including the name of our blog). It's Cracquelinne so we decided to dress up as Cracquelinne the superheroes. We bought some fabric from Walmart for the capes and bought some other things at Savers. Craig ended up wearing some spandex and Jacquelinne bought little girl leggings to complete the ensemble. We had so much fun trying on and wearing our costumes. We were fortunate enough to be invited to two parties.

We stopped in North Salt Lake at Jacquelinne's parents' home that they are building. We didn't get a great reaction but it was funny. Jacquelinne's mom said she looked like a racoon and her dad told Craig that he must be fairly confident with his manhood for wearing a costume like that. HAHA!! Then we went to Mike and Holly Flake's for a couples party. It was a lot of fun and nothing beats Mike's homemade rootbeer! It was great to catch up with everyone that was there and see all of the awesome costumes everyone else had.
Jacquelinne got her cape stuck leaving the house
"Protect and Serve"
The sword of Laban
Rollin' out!
The Ladies
The Flakes
The Gents

After the Flakes, we drove up to Layton to visit Craig's family. Daxton was so cute while we were there. He even pulled out his cape from his drawer and put it on to be like us. Finally, we went to Hallsoween at the Halls home in West Kaysville. There were loads of kids from our old singles ward and it was fun to see old friends and have a chance to catch up with them as well. Jacquelinne got to go upstairs and chat with one of her best friends, Kelsey Halls, for a while.

Our Halloween this year was great!! Thanks to everyone who made it a memorable one for us!!