I'm like Sassy today!

Okay, people, this is going to be a really quick post.  But, it's just too funny and sums up Olivia's (Miss Sassy Pants') personality in its entirety.

Olivia loves to watch cartoons.  Many children's cartoons are very interactive and will ask questions to the audience during the duration of the show.  Olivia is always VERY frank in her responses.   For instance, she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but every time Mickey asks, "Would you like to come inside my playhouse?"  Olivia never hesitates to say, "No!"

Today Olivia was watching a show that was teaching kids about baking.  After baking a cake, one of the characters on the show asked the kids if they wanted a piece of the cake.  Olivia promptly answered by saying, "Yes, but do you really think that cake will feed all of us kids watching the show?  I don't think so!"  [insert visual of sassy blonde bobbing her head and rolling her eyes while giving her answer]..

I love my little Miss Sassy Pants, though, and can't believe that she is turning three this Saturday!  Wow, the big three!  I can't imagine the last three years without her--she truly keeps me smiling, and never ceases to amaze me with her attitude!  Her favorite thing to tell me is, "Mom, I'm like sassy today!"  I can only imagine what this little blonde beauty is going to be like in 12 years {scary!}.