Deer Valley Design Project

I should be packing for Mexico, but I'm so excited that I finally got my hands on the Deer Valley Condo pictures, I just couldn't resist uploading some!

I hope any of you out there that are trying to do your spaces on a tight budget are inspired by some of the great finds and deals I got! I did this project in 3 weeks, had to fully refurnish and accessorize the house, and had a budget of $5000..and didn't go a penny over!

Hope you enjoy!

Love my houndstooth, lumbar pillows. A great find from TJ Maxx at $5.99 a pillow!
And that headboard, also a great find on KSL for $50! The lamps are also
fabulous, another great Finer Consigner find at $39 each.

This room went from an awkward dusty rose red to a soothing, cozy
(curl up in me) red with the right bed spread.

Spread: Tuesday Morning $89
Zebra Pillows: The Finer Consigner $12.99 ea
Lamps: The Finer Consigner $79 ea

Table Scape: a collection of fabulous napkins, placemats and flowers from Home Goods $25
Darling red dishes: on sale at Kohl's $49 for the entire 32 piece set!

Coffee Table: The Finer Consigner $129
Vase of Poppies: Micheal's and my handywork $30
Rustic Entertainment Armoire: The Finer Consigner $699

This rug was the greatest find of the entire project. An 8x10 hand
knotted Pottery Barn rug, $150 on KSL! Smashing! and completes the look!

Not bad for Craig and my first upholstery job. We had fun
re-doing the
awful purple checkered headboards.

Twin bed spreads: The Finer Consigner $99 for the set (also an incredible find!)
Wall Clock: The Finer Consigner $29
Table Lamp: The Finer Consigner $29
(and to think, Julie almost donated that poor little thing;
I always knew it would be darling in the right space. It shines
here--Julie would be proud!)

Darling X-detail Sofa Table: The Finer Consigner $179


Country Inspired Christmas Tree

I told my mom that I would put up some pictures of our country inspired Christmas tree.

The tree is made up of ornaments from my parents' Christmas tree when I was growing up. Gazing at the tree, I am reminded of wonderful Christmases past and I am glad that I can have that memory in my home.

Livie at 5 weeks

Our beautiful little Olivia is now 5 weeks old. She has grown a lot and made so much progress in the last 5 weeks. She's even beginning to look like a little lady rather than a newborn. This is such a fun time in our lives.

A few things to remember about Olivia at 5 weeks:

-Her head full of strawberry blond hair hasn't fallen out. Mom and Dad are continuing to cross their fingers that it won't.

-She has consistently gained 1 pound a week and her little chubby cheeks, pop belly and chunky thighs make mom laugh everyday.

-Her brilliant blue eyes seem to be getting bigger, bluer and more curious everyday.

-Her smiles are getting bigger and bigger and make Mom melt.

-She is still so well mannered and peaceful. Sometimes she gets lonely for Mom or Dad and will cry. Being held and played with is her favorite thing.

-She still loves falling asleep on Dad's chest every night and nothing could make him happier. If Dad could, he would freeze that moment and stay in it forever.

-She is doing so well holding her head up. She loves to sit up on Moms lap and stare into her eyes. She'd be content to do that all day long if Mom didn't have chores to do around the house.

-She loves the sound of the vacuum and hair dryer. The neighbors above probably wonder why we are vacuuming at 2 o'clock in the morning.

She is getting so long and loves to kick and be free. She gets upset
when she's swaddled. She is enjoying her new found freedom.

Chubby, very kissable cheeks she has!


Olivia Grace

As many of you may know, our beautiful baby girl, Olivia Grace, is finally here. She arrived on November 10th at 9:18 a.m., weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 18 inches long. She is as perfect and lovely as she could possibly be.

She is growing at a fast rate. At three weeks old, our petite little one is now a little plumper and longer, weighing in at over eight pounds and measuring 20 1/2 inches long. She has perfectly kissable, chubby cheeks. Everyday when dad comes home, he comments about how much she has grown while he has been away at work or school.

We feel so blessed to have her here. She is the greatest blessing in my life, and being her mother is a greater privilege and joy than I could have ever imagined. Both of us and Dad are learning so much and growing to love each other more and more everyday.