From Orem to North Salt Lake to Provo

We moved out of our apartment in Orem at the end of April and Jacquelinne's parents were nice enough to let us stay in their basement for almost a month. They live in North Salt Lake and it was fun to be close to family and friends for a couple of weeks.

Jacquelinne stayed busy by changing jobs and working on her brother's wedding. She is now working for The Finer Consigner in Pleasant Grove. The first couple of weeks they gave her time off so that she could do the flowers for the wedding and she also did the bride's hair. She is also pregnant (17 weeks) and this week she woke up with a little baby bump! The morning sickness is over and for the most part she is feeling great. She does get car sick but fortunately our commuting days are over now that we've moved into our new apartment in Provo.

My grandparents own a fourplex in Provo and there was a vacancy so we decided to move to start saving money to get ready for our baby! It's a 1 bedroom apartment with some upgrades and we've gotten the go-ahead from my mom to do some more. We're going to start with the flooring in the hallway and the kitchen and are looking at different bids for either bamboo or tile. Hopefully we'll get that done in the next couple of months. There are a lot of young couples in the area/ward so we're hoping to make lots of friends! Moving is not fun but getting to know a new area and new people is! We don't have internet at home but I spend the majority of my time at work online so hopefully I can get some pictures up soon... Thank you to anyone who still checks up on us at this blog!

p.s. I fixed the background but I'm color blind so if anything needs to be fixed, please don't hesitate to tell me what I can do differently.