Shopping Spree

I guess right now is the time to buy and so we've been buying a few things to prepare for our baby, Olivia! Jacquelinne is all about finding great deals online and here are a few pictures of things we've bought this week.

New Car Seat
We saved over $100 and it shipped in 1 day for free!

New Microsuede Rocker found on KSL.com
Saved Almost $200

Comfortable Chair for Jac to rock baby Olivia


Gone Fishin'

...or sumthin' like 'at! We're going to Lake Powell!! It's my first time ever going and I couldn't be more excited. I've been watching videos about Lake Powell for weeks and tutorial videos about how to do a back flip on wakeboard. If I succeed, we'll have a HD Video on here in a couple of days. Back flip or not, we'll be posting our favorite memories from this trip when we get home. Thanks to all those who read these posts.


Olivia's "Mini" Marvelous Crib and nursery thoughts...

First things first, I just want everyone to take note that I am finally writing a blog post on our blog. This will be the first one..so we'll see how it goes and if there will be any more to follow.

I have been tracking our crib online through Fedex for the past few days and am so excited to announce that it finally arrived today. I ordered it over a month ago, so if you can imagine, I have been anxiously waiting for it for weeks.

Much to our surprise, the crib is very "Mini." I had no idea when I ordered it that the size was any different than any other crib. I should have called my mom before ordering. haha So I guess I will be custom making sheets and a bed skirt to go with it--which I wanted to anyway.

Working at a consignment shop has definitely had its perks. I picked up these darling Hot Air Balloon prints for only a few dollars that I will have matted and framed custom for the nursery. They remind me of a wallpaper that used to hang in a bedroom at my grandparents'. I am so excited about them and love that they will be very charming and unique.

I found these fantastic hanging hot air balloons while I was working on a playroom for the parade home this spring. You can get them in many colors and sizes. I intend on making a mobile out of a cluster of them. I just love how vintage they look.