My Beautiful Livie

I had a friend post this picture on Facebook and, at this very moment, this picture is melting my heart.  I love this girl so much!


A Post Devoid of Pictures

Most of you reading this will complain that there are no pictures of the family in this update.  However, it is an update for those who will forgive me this once, and continue reading.

Summer has come and gone, Jacquelinne is using blogger everyday, just not posting on our blog.  She has become quite the custom blog designer and it seems that most of her blogs end up in the Smitten Blog Design Portfolio.  She is very dedicated and always gives 110% to her clients and has been a real trooper.  Our computer crashed in July and put her out of commission for about 2 1/2 weeks and it seems like she's been playing catch up ever since.  Lots of late nights and I'm grateful for the sacrifices she's made for our family.  She is a wonderful Mother to our two daughters and you can tell she is because of how smart and (mostly) well-behaved they are.

Olivia has become quite the chatter box and jokester. She speaks in complete sentences with Jac but not so much with me.  I'm more the guy she yells at around the house, "DAD, Daddy, Dadda, etc.," and Jac is the one she knows will listen.  She's had a few haircuts and just recently got an A-cut haircut and looks so adorable.  She also loves her baby sister and is so sweet to her most of the time.  She just can't get enough of her and takes every chance she gets to give her hugs and kisses, and lay on her when she's on the ground.  Olivia has also learned to fold her arms during prayers and makes sure we pray every night before she goes to bed.    She really is a good little girl!

Emery, or as we like to call her, "Emery Bug", is chunkin' up and is such a happy girl.  She usually goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 every night and even though she wakes up once or twice in the night to eat, she's pretty good to sleep in until 10 or 11 most days.  She always has the biggest gummy smile on her face and even lets out a cute chuckle every once in a while when the timing is right.  She has rolled over a few times and just this week she started to scoot around on the floor.  Before we know it, she'll be crawling all over the place.  I think we take her in for a 4 month appointment soon so we should know her weight and stuff in a few days but for now, I just know she's healthy and happy.

As you can tell, I love my girls! They are everything to me. As for my update, I am in a period of transition.  Work at MoneyDesktop has slowed down quite a bit and so I've started looking for something else.  I just found out today that I got accepted to the Business Administration program at the University of Utah and will start in January.  As such, if any of you know of job openings up north, please keep me posted.  We are planning on moving to Bountiful/North Salt Lake before school and would love to work somewhere in the Salt Lake Valley (Draper to Salt Lake) or south Davis County.

Heavenly Father has been good to us and blessed us with energy and health to keep up with life.  We wish it were possible to get out more often to see all of you and will make a more concerted effort to be involved in your lives moving forward.  Until then, feel free to find us on facebook, follow me on twitter, or give us a call just to chat and catch up.  Thank you for your friendships and for being our friends and family!

P.S. For anyone who actually read this, 50 gazillion points for you!