Liv and Me Lovin Our Kitchen

My little design assistant and I would like to show you our humble little kitchen. It is one of our favorite rooms in the house--and we think it looks quite cute!

{ Miss Liv's favorite part of the kitchen--her shrine on the refrigerator and the pretty bird magnets! }

{ Posing for the camera--shocker! }

{ Our little shelf that we love! An Ikea find. }

{ Love our new chairs with the dining table. What would we do without you, KSL?! }

{ One very proud little designer after showing off her kitchen. }

Failing is Just Proof That You are Trying

Today I read this lovely quote on a dear friend's blog and just had to share. I made this poster really quick for me to print and hang in my office. I'm sure every time I look at it, it will put things back into perspective.