More Pictures Of Livie

I just can't help myself.  I have to post these last few pictures of Olivia that I got today.  I am dying over here at how much these pictures capture her personality.

 This has to be my favorite picture of all time. 

 May I add that she is only a dare devil when she is on top 
of benches and chairs..other than that, she is scared to death of anything that
is lifted more than half an inch off the ground.

 Big Cheeser - Can't tell you how much I get this look

I can't thank Alyssa from Alyssa Vincent Photography enough for taking these amazing photos of Olivia.  She is one of the most talented photographers and lovely people I have ever met.


Our Little Beauty

I am so excited to share pictures from Olivia's photo shoot we did on Friday.  The pictures turned out so lovely.  I really couldn't be happier!

This was Olivia's little spring outfit she got for Valentines' Day.

This pictures completely captures Olivia's personality at
fifteen months.  

 I brought one of Olivia's hot air balloons that hangs
above her crib in her nursery.  That personal touch
ended up being WAY cuter than anticipated.


Kitchen Plan

Just for fun, I wanted to post my "Kitchen Plan" today.  I just chose the floral fabric for the relaxed roman shades I am going to make that will look similar to the picture below.  Bonus, this fabric is on sale for $12.20/ yard.

The large red picnic checkered fabric is going to be a tablecloth that I need to sew.  I just bought the fabric at Home Fabrics for $5.99/yard.  What a steal..and seriously, it looks so amazing on my table.

The recipes posted on the inspiration board are to give you a general idea of some recipes I am going to hang that I selected from a vintage, hand-drawn recipe book I have.  After buying the fabric for my table, I knew that they would be so cute hung with white matting and black frames in a grouping of four on my blank wall next to the table.

My grandma gave me an amazing collection of blue mason jars when she moved last fall.  I absolutely love them and can't wait to display them atop my new checkered tablecloth filled with fresh summer flowers.

And the rug that you see is a rug that I picked up from Target a few weeks ago.  It's playful and very happy--perfectly matching the overall feel I want for my kitchen!

I have a long blank wall that I am hoping to do this with chalkboard paint:

I can't wait to see this in real life!  I'll keep you posted on any updates.


My Wish List

I'm finding myself wishing I had all the money in the world this morning..mostly so that I can buy these for the girls.. 

Yes, this is what I am doing while the baby is sleeping, instead of 1) Teaching at school because Olivia and I are very sick and 2) working on my many blogging clients.  I guess I deserve a break after being on a conference call with one of them until almost 11 o'clock last night.

P.S. Please let me know when Old Navy is having a 50% off sale so that I can buy all of these things.  Thank you, in advance. ;)