The Best Valentine's Day, Ever!

On Saturday afternoon Craig went to get a haircut and when he got back he surprised Olivia and me with flowers. I can't tell you how special this was for me to watch Craig give a beautiful bouquet of spray roses to our daughter. It made me cry.

I get very emotional about my little Olivia and her dad. It makes me overjoyed to see their love for each other grow everyday. I can't describe how special my relationship with my dad is to me, and it brings me so much happiness to see Craig and Olivia develop a wonderful daddy-daughter relationship.

I am so grateful that Olivia and the rest of our children will have such a wonderful dad and role model to look up to for the rest of their lives and throughout the eternities. I know they will love him as deeply as I love my Dad, because Craig is such a good man and already an amazing Father.

these circus roses are the same roses that were in my wedding bouquet. My favorite!

Thank you for a very special Valentine's Day, Craig. Thank you for loving me and Olivia so much. We love you very much, too. Xoxo -Jac


Dear Bed: You're In Need Of Some Serious Color

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Opinion: how do you feel about vibrant colors in your home? Like or dislike?


Olivia is 3 Months Old!

3 months today!
Things to remember about Olivia at 3 months:

  • She is teething! About two weeks ago we noticed that she is getting her bottom and top two teeth. We can't believe it! She has been a bit fussier lately.
  • Her hands are always in the way! We can't even swaddle her anymore without her pulling her arms out. At night when I hear her stirring in bed, I know it is because her hands are out of the blanket and she's hitting herself in the face with her hands. Darn hands, keep them in!
  • She is smiling, giggling and telling me jokes all day long. I can't get over how smiley and cute she is all of the time. She is very animated, now.
  • She is finally sleeping most of the night! Hallelujah! She is only getting up once around 5:00 to eat and then goes back to bed until 8:00.
  • She slobbers and grabs onto everything. I had her in the carrier at the store the other day and I looked down and she had been eating and slobbering all over the side panel of the carrier. Oh, dear, that is not to eat.
  • She loves to engage in conversation. My mom and I went to a store to get some flowers yesterday, and when we were debating which ones to get Olivia didn't hesitate to give us her opinion. She thinks she can make big girl decisions, now. Meaning she gives me quite the attitude, sometimes. So funny!
  • The blow dryer is still our secret weapon. Nothing will calm her down quicker from any kind of fit than the blow dryer. Love it!
  • She is sporting a terrific mullet. Yes, business in the front, party in the back. Some days mom hides it behind a headband, and other days she lets her wear it proud. It makes us laugh. A lot!


Stuck Behind an Accident featuring: Olivia and Me

Olivia and I were headed home from a dear friend's wedding reception on Friday night. We were driving home alone because Craig came straight from work to meet up with us for the weekend in his car. Craig left the reception a few minutes after us. He was probably only a bit behind us.

We had just passed the bend on the freeway right before 2600 south in Bountiful when I saw the cars ahead slamming on their breaks. I had only a split second to decide whether or not to take the exit at 2600 south. I was in the middle lane and really couldn't get over in time to exit. We'd just have to wait it out.

At the time Olivia was sound asleep. I could only pray that she would stay asleep and we could get moving, again. We sat there. Waiting. And waiting. I knew that Olivia would be getting hungry, so I sat there, anxious, knowing that when she woke up she would be really upset.

I watched as people behind me were backing up in the emergency lane to get off the exit at 2600 south. It was pretty scary. Ahead, I could see cars backing down the on ramp. I was just waiting for an on-coming car to hit one of the cars backing up. This was not good.

To make matters worse, Olivia woke up and started to cry. Before I knew it, she was crying so loud her hollers resembled a siren. After waiting 40 minutes, I was about ready to tear my hair out. I could not calm her down. And we weren't moving an inch.

Finally, after an hour of waiting, we started moving. I was so relieved that we would be home soon. I was sick, because my phone had died earlier that day and no one could communicate with us. I knew everyone would be worried and have no idea where we were in the mess of cars.

I pulled into my parents' driveway where my mom was waiting for us and immediately opened the garage door. Her motherly instinct must have told her I had a screaming baby in the car. When we went inside my mom told me that Craig was out looking for us. They could see that there had been another wreck on the freeway and were worried that I was in the other because I had been gone so long. Craig had even called highway patrol to see if a black Mazda6 had been in the second wreck. What a sweet, concerned husband I have. I felt so bad.

Long story short, we are all safe and sound. I learned a good lesson this weekend, though--It's really important to always have a means to communicate with others. Always charge your cell phone, because you never know what could happen.


Summer Can't Get Here Quick Enough

I was online this morning making sure I hadn't missed anything new and darling for Olivia and I freaked out over these swimming suits. Hope Miss Liv loves water-can't wait for summer!

I think my favorite is the first one. Which one do you think?