Emery Turned One!

I can't believe our little Emery Bug is over a year old!  She is such a special part of our family and I can't even begin to imagine life without her!

I told Craig that I never want Emery to grow up the other day because she is so much fun, incredibly happy all of the time and is such an easy-going baby right now. It has been an amazing blessing in my life to watch her grow up and see her blossom into a beautiful little girl over this past year.  She truly has touched my life with her sweetness and I love that she openly shares that light with all of those around her.  She is such a special little girl.

We celebrated her first birthday with family a few weeks ago.  We had such a great time and are so grateful to those of our family who were able to make it.  Thanks so much for all of your love and support--it means so much to us!!

All of Miss Em's Favorite Things!

Sliced bananas with a dollop of Chocolate then topped with a raspberry.  These were SO good!!

Cupcakes In Ice Cream Cones!  After one failed attempt, these turned out really cute!

Emery Cloe and her cousin, Hayden - just enjoying being together!
The bubbles were popular among the older male folk.  Who would have thought!
Lovin' the cake!  Mmmmm!!

This girl's in heaven!!

I LOVE this picture of Daxton!  Such a cutie!!

Opening presents!  This girl is now ready to hit the water!!

Favorite gift! haha

Just a few things to remember about Emery at one year old:

1) Loves to climb in/on everything
2) Isn't afraid of ANYTHING
3) Always has a big grin on her face
4) Loves her "Da" or Dad so much!  She's always giggling 
    and hollering whenever she sees him.
5) Loves to eat Chalk/dirt/leaves/sticks/anything
6) Loves to play with Olivia
7) Loves to cuddle, give hugs, and blow kisses