Birth Date and Weight Poll

We can't believe we've finally made it this far! It looks as though we may have a baby sometime this year, finally!!

We have been so bummed this week because we keep experiencing false labor alarms. Three nights in the past week I had contractions for 40 minutes that lasted for 1-2 minutes and were consistently 3-5 minutes apart. Every time, though, at about 40 minutes they died off. I was so disappointed. I just can't stand waiting any longer for her to come!!


We went to the doctor this afternoon and things still seem to be progressing smoothly. I didn't gain any weight between last week and this week, so the doctor thinks she won't grow a whole lot more before birth. Hooray for not having a fat baby. Hopefully.

We are so excited for her to come and couldn't be more grateful that she is still healthy, strong and staying in my belly! We were worried my whole pregnancy that I would have preterm labor just like my mom--but Olivia has proven to be a champion!!

We wanted to start a poll for the birth date and weight. Let us know what you think :)