We're Loving This New Swimming Suit

Okay, let me explain, I wasn't going to buy this swimming suit for fear that it looked like I was trying to make my 6 month old look like she's 16..but it was a last second decision I made this morning at Babies "R" Us; and I must admit, Olivia is in love with this swimming suit..and her mom..and Aunt Ashleigh. We were dying when we got it on her. SO CUTE! Dad hasn't seen it yet, so that ought to be interesting.

Olivia's Many Mood Swings

Olivia's many faces. When Craig looked through these pictures this morning, he was laughing and entitled this photo shoot, "Olivia's many mood swings."

By far my very favorite picture of Olivia. Mostly because the hand on
the hip and the look on her face captures her personality in its entirety.


Craig, Jac, Olivia & Indy

Greetings from the beautiful city of Indianapolis!

Sorry we haven't blogged yet. I am trying to figure out a routine and learn how to balance my time with taking care of Olivia and working part time from home. It's a work in progress. Olivia is very frustrated with me.

We are starting to adjust to our new lives here in Indy, though. Every day is the exact same, so you think it wouldn't be that hard.

Craig is doing quite well out here. He is keeping up pretty well with the more experienced boys in the group and learning more and more, everyday. He is having fun and excited about the potential he has of doing well this summer. I am excited that he is so pumped.

I am having a lot of fun hanging out with Ashleigh. We spend the majority or our day together and eat dinner together at night, so the days are going really fast. Thank you, Ashleigh, you have really been so helpful, already! Olivia is loving her new girlfriend and all of the company. Mom has become a very boring figure in her life.

We'll get some pictures up soon!