Pretty in Purple

Over the past week and a half I have watched
Olivia's hair start to thin out. I thought
we were going to be lucky enough to keep that
cute white head of hair. I am very sad.

Due to recent balding, I am pushing the need for
headbands, again. She has protested them for the
past month and a half, but with half a head of hair at the
moment, I am glad that she is cooperating.

Lucky girl, if you look real close, you can see her beautiful blonde lashes!



It's never a good thing when Craig comes back in the bedroom after he's said goodbye to head to work. This time Craig was bringing news of a flat tire. Not cool.

After 20 minutes of slowly jacking the car up and 30 minutes of kicking the tire madly, the flatter than flat tire finally was off my car. Poor Craig, I felt so bad. This will be our second flat tire of our marriage.

You'll die when you see what caused the flat. It's crazy!

Party At My Crib 3:00

This morning at two o'clock I heard Olivia making noises in her crib. I ignored it for about an hour and finally, it was driving me so crazy, that I went to see what she was doing. When I got over to the crib and our eyes met, she grinned from ear to ear. My reaction, of course, was not as pleasant.

Maybe she just wanted a diaper change and then she would go right back to sleep. When I laid her on the bed she started squirming everywhere. She was laughing, lifting her back up with her legs, and trying to roll over. Where did this super strength come from?

I had to wake Craig up to show him how humorous this situation was beginning to be. I really had never seen her so animated and excited. Of course, Craig started to egg her on and I instantly had to remind him, "I don't want to be up with her all night. She needs to settle down."

Luckily after swaddling her and laying her back in bed she was asleep in just a few minutes. I was worried she would have put up a fight because she was so wound up.

In the mornings before Craig leaves for work Craig puts her in bed with me.
The spoiled miss Liv.

{ 10:00 this morning..still peacefully sleeping. So unlike her! }

{ 10:30 she awakes.. }

{ What, mom? What?! }


Finally Over It

Olivia is such a happy baby. She has even started to laugh.

Olivia Grace 2 1/2 Months

Sorry we haven't posted for quite some time. Olivia has had RSV for the past three weeks and I caught a really bad cold, too. It has been a long three weeks. But we are better for the most part, now, and are happy to be getting things back to normal.

Olivia went in for her two month visit with the Pediatrician today. We had to keep rescheduling because she was sick, so we finally made it three weeks later. She weighs 11 lbs. 10 ounces now and is 22.5 inches long. I told Craig that it is a good thing Livie has so much chunk on her, because that was probably what sustained her the first week she was sick when she was only eating once or twice a day. It was really scary for us to see our little girl so weak and sick.

Olivia has been such a joy for us. She has started to develop the most colorful, humorous personality. She has even started to give us quite the attitude--wonder where she would have gotten that from? Grandma Evans could probably answer this question without any hesitation.

Olivia went to her very first track meet last Saturday. She didn't really care for the loud noise and all of the people, but we'll just blame it on being sick. We were able to watch my sister, Amanda, run with the high school girls in the BYU indoor track invitational. It was fun to see her do so well. Hopefully Livie and I will go to many track meets in our day. Mom could only hope she would run and love it as much as she did.