Our Girlies

It's about time for an update on our munchkins.  They are both in such a fun, energetic stage right now and there's so many things I never want to forget about them in this moment.

As seen in the above picture sequence, Olivia is very much enjoying Emery and loves that she can now sit up on her own, crawl and now stand on things.  Emery is so determined to walk and finally be able to defend herself from her older sister.  All in all, though, those two love each other and are starting to play very well together.  I love watching their relationship blossom.

A Few of Olivia's Favorite Things at 27 months:

-Curious George
-Disney movies
-Justin Bieber
-Waking Emery up during nap time
-Bath time

A Few of Emery's Favorite Things at 9 Months:

-Sticking out her tongue
-Crawling everywhere
-Climbing on things
-Standing up
-Chocolate (from her sister)
-Playing with chords underneath the desk
-Lying on her back underneath things (we call her our little mechanic) 

We love these girls so much and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has blessed us with two beautiful, healthy, happy little girls.