1. What is your favorite commercial on TV right now? Wow, I haven't honestly watched TV in a long time.  The 40' tree that fell on Monday took out our satellite so we are going without TV right now.
2.What do you and your significant other argue about most often? 
Um, probably laundry and who has to switch it out and fold it..I hate laundry!
3. If you were the lunch lady at school, what would you make to gross the kids out?  Eww! probably jello.  I hate that stuff!
4. What clique would you say that you belonged to in high school? 
Um, I'm really trying to put my finger on it.  I guess you would say that I ran around with the really "nice" group.  You know, the group that everyone knows and admires?  haha jk All of my girlfriends were really outgoing and really, really, sweet.  And pretty.  I was always playing match maker--hated it!
5. Open up your picture file on your computer. Count across or down 7 pictures, and you are not allowed to skip! Post it for us to see with a caption explaining if you would like.
Wow, this is a classic.  How could anyone top this Halloween costume?  Don't even try!

6. What is your worst experience as an employee? 
Wow, how to even choose.  I think getting a phone call from the police at one o'clock in the morning and being interrogated about missing till money is at the top of the list, though.  I thought my poor, innocent self was going to be put in jail that night.

7. What item can you never walk by in the grocery store without being seriously tempted to buy?  Hmmm.. Probably brownie mix or goodies of some kind.  
8. The most awkward thing to happen to you last week was...
hmm..I really can't think of one off the top of my head.

Oh, sheesh..I just realized that Ash has questions of her own.  I am not even going to bother to erase these and I'll answer the ones below.  Bare with me here. 

Ok...my questions...
1) Go to your picture folder...go to your forth picture folder and choose the 3rd picture (no skipping), post and explain
 This was taken at Lake Mead on our Honeymoon.  *Sigh* I got very sick and threw up in the water, but aside from that, I only have good memories of this experience.
2) What is your most embarrassing dating moment?  Well, I honestly can't think of anything, personally.  I am a flawless date, you know.  But I would have to say that my date pooping his pants at junior prom, my senior prom date throwing up, a date breaking the door off when opening it for me, and Craig forgetting to bring cash to pay for parking on our first date and me having to write a check are pretty good embarassing date moments.. let me know if you want any more!

3) What is your favorite song and explain why?  I am honestly loving Katy Perry's Teenage Dream right now.. I don't know if I'm having a mid (sort of) twenties crisis right now, but somehow it makes me feel young again.  Motherhood has a way of suddenly making you feel old and not "cool" anymore.

4) What is the worst name you heard someone give a baby?  Oh, I don't know.  I gotta watch what I say, because I have been offended by people not loving names I have loved my entire life (this comment is not directed at you, Craig).

5) Where is your favorite place?  I absolutely love Bear Lake.

6) Funniest thing you have ever been asked?  If I wanted the sixteen and under discount at an ice skating rink while on a date when I was nineteen.

7) Look to your left...what do see?  My messy bed.  Making the bed is way over rated these days.

8) Post your favorite recipe as of right now...

Q Doba's Queso Sauce on Breakfast Burritos ( I would eat this every day, seriously)
Queso Sauce
1 cup of shreddred monterey jack cheese
1 cup of American cheese
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 roasted poblano peppers (finely chopped)
8 oz tomatoes ( finely chopped)
1 cup heavy cream
1 1/2 tbsp of ground garlic
salt to taste
For the breakfast burritos I totally just winged it.  I cut up an entire green and red pepper, along with like 1/4 of an onion and a few cloves of garlic.  I sauteed this in a skillet with spicy Italian sausage.  Once everything was cooked, I added like 6 eggs and some of the cream.  Oh, and some crushed red pepper and salt and pepper to taste.  
Wrap it all up in a tortilla and enjoy!!