Halloween Weekend & Emery Bug Update

We had such a fun weekend up north visiting grandparents and showing off our cute kids in their Halloween Costumes!

 Olivia was a duck (as she says) and Emery was a ladybug

 Visiting Aunt Yaya at work

And just a quick update on our adorable little Emery Bug!  Sorry, bug, we have been really bad at posting pictures of you!  These pictures perfectly capture our little cutie at almost six months old.  She is the happiest, smiliest, most well tempered child.  She recently learned how to roll over and is more determined than ever to figure out how to scoot and crawl.  She wants more than anything to be able to keep up with big sister!

We love those big blue eyes.  This is a signature Emery look.


Family Pictures

I am so ecstatic that I received our family pictures tonight!  I know, finally, right?  My mom has been so worried about not having any pictures of Emery in her house, yet.  Grandparents, we will send up copies of these pictures when we come up for Halloween!  P.S. we put the girls in their Halloween costumes tonight and I am absolutely thrilled with how cute they are!!  And the fact that it is not the day before Halloween and we have their costumes figured out is already a huge plus.

Here is a few of my faves from the shoot.  We were given a CD of the pictures so any of these can be printed for anyone who wants to have a shrine of us in their home--I wouldn't blame you, our girls are dang cute!!  And Photoshop always does miraculous things for Craig and me.

 This pictures absolutely makes my heart sing!

 My cute hubby.  Yes, he is embarrassed right now and upset that I posted this.

 I absolutely adore this photo of us all.  Our girls love to play on Mommy and Daddy's bed, 
so this picture perfectly captures how normal day-to-day life is in our home.

 So pretty, little and perfect!

Beautiful little girl of mine!  I know, I'm a little bias!

 These pictures were taken in early June about 2 or 3 weeks after Emery was born.  I can't believe how much both girls have grown since then.  I hope to post more recent pictures soon!