Hit The Road Jack..and Craig and Olivia

I have spent the majority of my day making arrangements for our move out to Indiana this summer. The list of "things to do" keeps getting added to. Thank goodness I have a month to get everything done. I have a feeling things are still going to be a bit hectic around here.

I am excited for our move, though. Olivia and I both agree that we are tired of being in a one bedroom apartment in the basement all day, everyday. There will be lots of opportunity for many adventures for the two of us in our new place. We can go for a walk, take a swim, play tennis, or workout in the workout facilities whenever we want. And, bonus, Princess Olivia will have her own bedroom.

Most of all, we are excited to be able to spend more time together as a family this summer. Craig will be working from noon to nine o clock most days, but it will definitely be a step up from Dad going to work early in the morning then heading straight to school until late in the evening. Olivia will be in heaven. She loves her Daddy!


Bridal Shower Invite

Just for fun..I wanted to share this bridal shower invite I made
as of recent. Infused with beautiful contrasting colors and a touch of class, this is one of my favorite invites, yet.


Olivia's Baby Blessing

Olivia was blessed on the 14th of March. It was a beautiful day and amazing to have family and close friends their to be a part of her special day.

The invite

Olivia wearing the dress that I made for her and her patent ballet slipper pink shoes. She was
in love the minute we put them on her. She couldn't
take her eyes off of her feet.

Daddy and Livie

Grandma Debbie Altom holding Olivia
with Todd and Ashleigh

Never was there a get-together at the Evans household
without wonderful food.

The pink cupcakes I just had to have. They were lovely!

Cheesecake cupcakes

Grandma & Grandpa Wilson

Jacquelinne & Olivia

Uncle Brian & Olivia

Aunt Alycia, Uncle Brian & Olivia

Grandma Evans, Alicia & Grandma John


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Craig and Olivia, March 2010

Things have been a little crazy around the Altom household. We just had a busy but wonderful weekend up in North Salt Lake where we blessed Olivia on Sunday. We took some really beautiful pictures of Livie with my parents' camera. I will post them as soon as my brother uploads them onto Facebook. I am crossing my fingers he will get them up soon.

Olivia has been growing a lot lately. She is now just over four months old. Her girly nature is definitely beginning to manifest itself, too. Screaming has become one of her new favorite things to do. She screams when she is happy, bored, and mad. She is no longer our sweet, quiet little thing.

Along with screaming, tummy time is also her new favorite thing. She loves to dig her face into and slobber in the blanket, and she is beginning to master the art of rolling over. Today we set Olivia down on her play yard mat and she began to scoot. I am scared.

{ As you can see, she loves to be upside down }




This is Craig and for those of you who have followed our blog of recent, you'll know that I don't blog anymore. Jacquelinne has done such a great job at keeping it up to date that I've been able to focus my time and energy on work, school, and family. However, you'll notice our blog hasn't been blogged upon for a few weeks now. The reason being, our internet is down at home. Hopefully the dilemma will be remedied without much delay. Until then, thanks for those who have checked up on us in other ways. Our phones still work and we'd love to hear from you. We love you.