Just Another Blessed Day

I know it has been a while and I hate to make this post just about me and overly personal, but I want to remember these blessed moments in my life.

The past few weeks have been particularly hard.  Work has really slowed down for me and, while it is wonderful for me to have more time to spend with the girls, it has also kind of thrown me into a funk.  I guess I've been frustrated with my job and feeling like it's never going to pick back up again (I know, probably really dramatic).

And just today I had a client from before Christmas send me a tip.  A tip of $50 for simply being wonderful to work with and for being willing to help her with any questions she may have.   I was overwhelmed by her generosity, and her kindness has given me the strength and determination to pull through and continue doing what I love.  Even if things are slow.

Tonight I saw that one of my friends had posted on Facebook that she needed help with her blog.  I commented by telling her that I would be willing to help.  She immediately started messaging me and we were able to solve an issue that she had been dealing with and had grown extremely emotional over for the past three hours.  While I was helping her, I had an incredible feeling rush over me and I felt an overwhelming amount of peace come over me.  I felt blessed to have a small gift that can bring so much happiness to people.  And it made me never want to stop sharing it; whether it be interior design, blog design, or whatever.  We are blessed with gifts to share that can better people's lives.  And, really, in this case, it bettered mine.