I'm like Sassy today!

Okay, people, this is going to be a really quick post.  But, it's just too funny and sums up Olivia's (Miss Sassy Pants') personality in its entirety.

Olivia loves to watch cartoons.  Many children's cartoons are very interactive and will ask questions to the audience during the duration of the show.  Olivia is always VERY frank in her responses.   For instance, she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but every time Mickey asks, "Would you like to come inside my playhouse?"  Olivia never hesitates to say, "No!"

Today Olivia was watching a show that was teaching kids about baking.  After baking a cake, one of the characters on the show asked the kids if they wanted a piece of the cake.  Olivia promptly answered by saying, "Yes, but do you really think that cake will feed all of us kids watching the show?  I don't think so!"  [insert visual of sassy blonde bobbing her head and rolling her eyes while giving her answer]..

I love my little Miss Sassy Pants, though, and can't believe that she is turning three this Saturday!  Wow, the big three!  I can't imagine the last three years without her--she truly keeps me smiling, and never ceases to amaze me with her attitude!  Her favorite thing to tell me is, "Mom, I'm like sassy today!"  I can only imagine what this little blonde beauty is going to be like in 12 years {scary!}.


What We've Been Up To

Yes, we are alive!  We survived another fun, whirlwind summer filled with wonderful memories that will have to wait for another day to post about.  Honestly, that's why I haven't blogged in such a long time--I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to blog about that I haven't known where to start.  So we're starting with baby steps by catching you up on what has happened in our lives as of recent.  And then if you get lucky--maybe you'll get a post recapping our summer.

We have been so busy this past month preparing for tenants to move in and out of the four-plex {we're the managers}.  We have also been doing quite a bit of updates in our place, too!  The front room and hallway got quite a facelift with a beautiful new coat of paint and new carpet.  We are absolutely loving the new-home feel, and now I appreciate how much hard work goes into making a house a home.  Painting is not for the weary of heart, but all of the the pain, sweat, and tears were worth it!  I've learned quite a bit for our someday house in this process, too!

Craig started school a few weeks ago, too!  We are excited to be back into more of a routine but are missing having dad around.  We see him out the door most days around nine o'clock am to go to work and often times he gets home just before or after bedtime for the girls.  It has been quite an adjustment for the girls and me.  We are slowly trying to figure things out, but have enjoyed watching chick flicks, doing toe nails, and staying up later than usual cuddling on the couch together. 

Work has really picked up for me now that school is back in.  I have been working late into the evening every night this month and I just keep hoping that things will slow down or I will get back on top of things as we get more into fall.  I can't wait to be able to do fun things with the girls this fall!  As you saw from the pictures, we went to story time at the library this past Friday.  I am excited to get out and do more fun things like this now that the girls are older and enjoy doing activities together.

On a more romantic note, Craig and I celebrated four wonderful years on the 28th of August.  We celebrated by going to a beautiful dinner together at La Jolla Grove at the River Woods.  It was the tastiest, quietest, most wonderful meal with the Mr.  And did I mention that Craig surprised me with a Kitchenaid? {insert applause} I have wanted one for years and, as his mother pointed out, he has now set the bar very high for anniversaries to come. 

It has been a wonderful four years, though!  Who would have thought that we would have two rambunctious kiddos under three, be finishing up school, and living in Provo on our fourth.  I couldn't imagine things being any better than they are!  We feel very blessed!


Emery Turned One!

I can't believe our little Emery Bug is over a year old!  She is such a special part of our family and I can't even begin to imagine life without her!

I told Craig that I never want Emery to grow up the other day because she is so much fun, incredibly happy all of the time and is such an easy-going baby right now. It has been an amazing blessing in my life to watch her grow up and see her blossom into a beautiful little girl over this past year.  She truly has touched my life with her sweetness and I love that she openly shares that light with all of those around her.  She is such a special little girl.

We celebrated her first birthday with family a few weeks ago.  We had such a great time and are so grateful to those of our family who were able to make it.  Thanks so much for all of your love and support--it means so much to us!!

All of Miss Em's Favorite Things!

Sliced bananas with a dollop of Chocolate then topped with a raspberry.  These were SO good!!

Cupcakes In Ice Cream Cones!  After one failed attempt, these turned out really cute!

Emery Cloe and her cousin, Hayden - just enjoying being together!
The bubbles were popular among the older male folk.  Who would have thought!
Lovin' the cake!  Mmmmm!!

This girl's in heaven!!

I LOVE this picture of Daxton!  Such a cutie!!

Opening presents!  This girl is now ready to hit the water!!

Favorite gift! haha

Just a few things to remember about Emery at one year old:

1) Loves to climb in/on everything
2) Isn't afraid of ANYTHING
3) Always has a big grin on her face
4) Loves her "Da" or Dad so much!  She's always giggling 
    and hollering whenever she sees him.
5) Loves to eat Chalk/dirt/leaves/sticks/anything
6) Loves to play with Olivia
7) Loves to cuddle, give hugs, and blow kisses


Jacquelinne's other blog

It's obvious that we don't update this blog all that often.  With Jacquelinne at home taking care of our two girls, keeping things in order, and working full time doing custom blog design, she doesn't have a lot of time to dedicate to this blog.  Then there's Craig who is going to school full time, working part-time, is an elders quorum president in our ward, tries to keep up with life's events on twitter, and playing and watching sports, he chooses not to dedicate much time to this blog.
However, Jacquelinne, with her design work, has bits and pieces of knowledge she's picked up that she's sharing over at StriveForSomethingGood.  She posts fun ideas, shares thoughts and feelings, and even posts PICTURES.  So if you need more Jacquelinne in your life, and let's be honest, who doesn't? Just click on the "join this site" button under "FOLLOW ME" and keep up with her over there.  She's so talented that I'm sure you'll be glad you did!


This Girl Seriously Kills Me!

There are no words to describe the love I have for this child of mine.  My little angel baby + some of her finest moments.

This picture is going to make the wedding video.  I will make sure of it!

This is Emery's distressed look. Crackin me up!

Valentines Day Party

This Valentines Day was really fun at our house.  We threw a party with all of Olivia and Emery's besties.  The kiddos decorated sugar cookies and had a lot of fun just playing.  The highlights were sprinkles, sprinkles, and more sprinkles, and jumping on Olivia's bed.

Emery Enjoying Cookie Decorating
Myles and Olivia Jumping on the Bed
Lulu, Maeli, Laura, and Myles
My attempt at trying to snap a pic of the girls in their V-Day outfits
Myles, Olivia and Laura
Cute little Lucy - one of Em's buddies.
Olivia's friend, Lulu.  Liv absolutely loves this girl to death!

I love these kiddos and ladies of our neighborhood.  So glad that we were able to have such a fun party!


Our Girlies

It's about time for an update on our munchkins.  They are both in such a fun, energetic stage right now and there's so many things I never want to forget about them in this moment.

As seen in the above picture sequence, Olivia is very much enjoying Emery and loves that she can now sit up on her own, crawl and now stand on things.  Emery is so determined to walk and finally be able to defend herself from her older sister.  All in all, though, those two love each other and are starting to play very well together.  I love watching their relationship blossom.

A Few of Olivia's Favorite Things at 27 months:

-Curious George
-Disney movies
-Justin Bieber
-Waking Emery up during nap time
-Bath time

A Few of Emery's Favorite Things at 9 Months:

-Sticking out her tongue
-Crawling everywhere
-Climbing on things
-Standing up
-Chocolate (from her sister)
-Playing with chords underneath the desk
-Lying on her back underneath things (we call her our little mechanic) 

We love these girls so much and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has blessed us with two beautiful, healthy, happy little girls. 


Just Another Blessed Day

I know it has been a while and I hate to make this post just about me and overly personal, but I want to remember these blessed moments in my life.

The past few weeks have been particularly hard.  Work has really slowed down for me and, while it is wonderful for me to have more time to spend with the girls, it has also kind of thrown me into a funk.  I guess I've been frustrated with my job and feeling like it's never going to pick back up again (I know, probably really dramatic).

And just today I had a client from before Christmas send me a tip.  A tip of $50 for simply being wonderful to work with and for being willing to help her with any questions she may have.   I was overwhelmed by her generosity, and her kindness has given me the strength and determination to pull through and continue doing what I love.  Even if things are slow.

Tonight I saw that one of my friends had posted on Facebook that she needed help with her blog.  I commented by telling her that I would be willing to help.  She immediately started messaging me and we were able to solve an issue that she had been dealing with and had grown extremely emotional over for the past three hours.  While I was helping her, I had an incredible feeling rush over me and I felt an overwhelming amount of peace come over me.  I felt blessed to have a small gift that can bring so much happiness to people.  And it made me never want to stop sharing it; whether it be interior design, blog design, or whatever.  We are blessed with gifts to share that can better people's lives.  And, really, in this case, it bettered mine.