What We've Been Up To

Yes, we are alive!  We survived another fun, whirlwind summer filled with wonderful memories that will have to wait for another day to post about.  Honestly, that's why I haven't blogged in such a long time--I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to blog about that I haven't known where to start.  So we're starting with baby steps by catching you up on what has happened in our lives as of recent.  And then if you get lucky--maybe you'll get a post recapping our summer.

We have been so busy this past month preparing for tenants to move in and out of the four-plex {we're the managers}.  We have also been doing quite a bit of updates in our place, too!  The front room and hallway got quite a facelift with a beautiful new coat of paint and new carpet.  We are absolutely loving the new-home feel, and now I appreciate how much hard work goes into making a house a home.  Painting is not for the weary of heart, but all of the the pain, sweat, and tears were worth it!  I've learned quite a bit for our someday house in this process, too!

Craig started school a few weeks ago, too!  We are excited to be back into more of a routine but are missing having dad around.  We see him out the door most days around nine o'clock am to go to work and often times he gets home just before or after bedtime for the girls.  It has been quite an adjustment for the girls and me.  We are slowly trying to figure things out, but have enjoyed watching chick flicks, doing toe nails, and staying up later than usual cuddling on the couch together. 

Work has really picked up for me now that school is back in.  I have been working late into the evening every night this month and I just keep hoping that things will slow down or I will get back on top of things as we get more into fall.  I can't wait to be able to do fun things with the girls this fall!  As you saw from the pictures, we went to story time at the library this past Friday.  I am excited to get out and do more fun things like this now that the girls are older and enjoy doing activities together.

On a more romantic note, Craig and I celebrated four wonderful years on the 28th of August.  We celebrated by going to a beautiful dinner together at La Jolla Grove at the River Woods.  It was the tastiest, quietest, most wonderful meal with the Mr.  And did I mention that Craig surprised me with a Kitchenaid? {insert applause} I have wanted one for years and, as his mother pointed out, he has now set the bar very high for anniversaries to come. 

It has been a wonderful four years, though!  Who would have thought that we would have two rambunctious kiddos under three, be finishing up school, and living in Provo on our fourth.  I couldn't imagine things being any better than they are!  We feel very blessed!

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